On December 14th, 1922, The National Supreme Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, working under the authority of the National Supreme Council, A.A.S.R. Masons, was established under the leadership of Dr. William Benderson, the Certificate of Incorporation is on record at the State Commission of Maryland, recorded November 4, 1927.

Dr. Benderson elected a brother to study diligently the Eastern Star Degrees with the Macoy Group. After proving proficiency in the ritualistic works, he was given permission to use the Eastern Star Degrees in its entirety to develop the National Supreme Grand Chapter, and bring all existing Affiliate Chapters under the aus­pices of the National Supreme Council. 

The first Supreme Grand Worthy Matron of record was Sister Druella McCally of Providence Grand Chapter located in the State of Alabama. It, is said that she served in this position from December 1922 to 1951. Sister Dr. Julia C. Fitzpatrick, State of Michigan, served from 1951 until her demise in 1985. Sister Elizabeth Moore, State of New York served from 1985 to August 1993. Sister Mattie Roberson, State of New York, served from January 1994 to August 2002. Sister Della Richards, State of Illinois, served from August 2002 to January 2007. Sister Linda Casborn-Wingfield, State of California, served from 2007 until her demise in December 2007. Sister Dr. Gretchen Lofland, District of Columbia, served from January 2008 to August 2014. Sister Mattie Grant, State of New York, served from 2014 until her demise in May 2017.  Our present National Supreme Grand Matron, Sister Kim T. Chapman was appointed in August 2017. 

Who are we? The Order, by definition, is a fraternal body (predominantly of women) who derived our heritage via the kinsmanship of the National Supreme Council, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Masons of the World, Inc. However, over a period of time, selective others have been permitted to join. 

Our purpose and goals are multifaceted, with the thrust centered on charity and service. We meet annually on a national level to promote friendship, love, benevolence, loyalty, fidelity, trust and harmony among our members, as well as to con­tribute sizeable donations to selected charities. Our goals and objectives are to achieve more wisdom and understanding through the concepts and scriptural teachings-more love for ourselves, our youth, our ancestors and most of all the Higher Power. Unconditionally giving of ourselves through service to mankind.