History of the National Supreme Council Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite​​

​On November 30, 1864, in the City of New York, Baron August Hugo de Bulow, Sovereign Grand Inspector General, and an active member of the Supreme Council of France, A.A.S.R., organized a Supreme Council of the State of New York, which title was subsequently changed to the Supreme Council Of Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, of the 33°rd and last degree of the A.A.S.R. for the United States Of America, its territories and dependencies. The officers were as follows:

                   Baron Auguste Hugo de Bulow, Sovereign Grand Commander
                   Patrick Reason, Lieutenant Grand Commander
                   Dr. Peter W. Ray,  Lieutenant Grand Commander
                   Ramson Wake, Grand Orator
                   George Lawrence, Grand Secretary
                   Alexander Peters, Master of Ceremonies

                   Sovereign Grand Commanders of the Supreme Council
                   1864 to 1870 - Baron August Hugo de Bulow
                   1870 to 1879 - Patrick Reason
                   1879 to 1892 - Dr. Peter W. Ray
                   1892 to 1897 - A.B. Allen
                   1897 to 1911 - D.F. Seville
                   1911 to 1920 -  H.M. Rennick
                   1920 to 1948 - Dr. W.H. Benderson
                   1948 to 1973 - Dr. Wm. J. Fitzpatrick
                   1973 to 1989 - Illustrious John H. Burns
                   1989 to 1995 - Illustrious James M. Boone
                   1996 to 2011 - Illustrious James l. Headd
                   2011 – present - Illustrious Edward J. Chapman

Baron Auguste Hugo de Bulow conferred the Scottish Rite Degrees on four brethren and created them Deputy Inspectors General, 33°, as follows:

                   Dr. Peter W. Ray -  New York                                Jonathan Miller - Pennsylvania
                   Levi Anderson - Delaware                                    Lemuel G. Griffin - Maryland

On October 17, 1898, during the administration of D.F. Seville as Sovereign Grand Commander, the Supreme Council was incorporated in Washington, District of Columbia, under the name of National Supreme Council of Sovereign Grand Inspectors General of A.A.S.R. 33°rd of North America, bearing Instrument No. 3149, recorded in Volume 8, folio 341, of the incorporated records of the District of Columbia. The above original incorporation was continued in perpetuity on October 14, 1948, by certificate of re-incorporation of the National Supreme Council of Sovereign Grand Inspectors General of the A.A.S.R. 33°rd degree, for North America, bearing Instrument No. 32049 and recorded in Volume 69, folio 389, of the incorporation records of the District of Columbia.  That is the incorporation under which it operates at the present time. The foregoing, according to recent research, being the most accurate history of the National Supreme Council, all other versions of said history as hereinafter given will be corrected to conform herewith.